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From e-commerce websites to corporate portals of companies, highload systems and WEB applications. We create high-quality solutions for your Internet presence!


We develop native and cross-platform IOS, Android and Windows Phone applications, providing a high quality interface. Join the world of mobile applications!

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Interact with the material world around you using the automatic control and management based on Raspberry PI, Arduino and other technologies. Implement innovative solutions for your business!


Development of processes for management of future and existing IT solutions. Optimize your processes to improve the productivity and resource saving of your business!

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High-quality support for your products, including refactoring and improvements. You can always control your projects in our tracking system.


Your own remote team of professional IT specialists to implement your projects without increasing your staff.

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Linoza Knowledge Base Solution makes effective enterprise knowledge management and provides a quality certification of employees for one of the largest delivery services in Ukraine.

Automation of hardware and software complex for laboratory tests including biomaterial sampling centers.

ERP system for working with the ISP subscribers, as well as online Linoza CashFlow system make the operator’s job easy and controlled.

Linoza Call Center + Asterisk PBX for housing cooperatives improves the quality of service and increases a customer service level of the modern service center for the population of the housing and utilities.

Web portal helps the user to find a hobby, providing information about all the sections, sports centers, creative studios in any city of Ukraine.

The introduction of the system of personnel record-keeping and salary calculations for a bank with a large branch structure enabled to manage personnel efficiently.


Reviews and customers

Our company is a manufacturer of energy-efficient window systems. In order to expand the sales channel and more extensively address energy efficiency issues throughout Ukraine, we needed a modern IT solution that would minimize the time spent on processing of all transaction stages. Comprehensive software should have allowed our customers to effectively choose the window system within one visit to a dealer, get a loan and start the compensation process under the IQ Energy program.

The Linoza team provided us with consulting services in building such a business model, implemented its procedural part in practice, which accelerated the organization of the sales channel. The software with an intuitive interface was developed specifically for our tasks. Automation of the process, which was carried out by the developers of the Linoza company, gave us a streamlined mechanism for reaching a new level in customer service. In addition, the time expenditures were reduced, and, thanks to the author’s solutions of Linoza Task Tracker and Linoza CRM, it became possible to have a clear vertical and horizontal control within the dealer network.

In a short time, we received a ready-made exclusive software product that helps us to conduct high-quality transactions and serve our customers, also allowing us to communicate among all the participants in the transaction, company divisions, and a significant number of dealers throughout Ukraine. In addition, the software works on all devices that have a browser.

The Linoza team works quickly, efficiently, creatively, deeply delving into the process. Thanks to consulting and software that Linoza has developed for us, we have gained a significant competitive advantage and brought a completely new product to the market of energy-saving technologies. Our successful collaboration is continuing to this day.

As a project manager from the customer’s company, I know that it isdifficult to raise the level of medical services and enter the market with innovative changes if to start making mistakes at the beginning of the path. Given our specifics, the price for errors is generally high – this is the health and the life of our patients. It was clear at once that we definitely cannot provide the highest quality services and keep accurate records without development of the individual complex of adapted standard solutions for automation, . And it is extremely important not to be mistaken with the choice of the partner-developer: all automated systems should act as a single information unit , where the possibility of errors is excluded. Time and resources should be optimally used and directed only to the needs of the client, that respectively direct ratio contributes to the company’s profit increase.

The integrated approach of Linoza helped us to solve these important tasks and improve the efficiency of the laboratory, and also ensure the accuracy of the studies. We were offered the necessary software, as well as competent consulting, which allowed to optimize all the company’s resources.

We received a reliable integrated information system with precise rules of process management in the laboratory, with well-designed architecture and comprehensive support of Linoza experienced experts. I am very pleased with the cooperation and I have already significantly appreciated the positive results from the project implementation of the Linoza company.

Our cooperation with Linoza is fruitful and successful. This is a true partner, a team of qualified specialists who competently and quickly solve problems of any complexity. For the Linoza team nothing is impossible!

Our company provides accounting services for housing cooperatives and building cooperatives in Kiev and Zaporozhye. Complex management of accounting and analysis of financial and economic activities in this area cannot be conducted without the software that takes into account all nuances and specifics. Because not only the changes in the legislation of Ukraine should be taken into consideration, but also the standards in granting privileges and subsidies which have their own distinctive features in different cities. The Linoza company made an insightful system analysis and finalized the existing software solution, combining it with others into a single automated information system. This allowed us to accelerate the quality work on houses servicing , form and provide all types of reporting, make mandatory payments to the budget, keep the records of funds and analyze the personal accounts of residents, automatically import the information on subsidies, targeted assistance, benefits, which significantly increased the efficiency of our work.

Our long-term cooperation with the Linoza team continues successfully. This is our reliable partner, which our company constantly addresses to on emerging issues related to the automation of accounting. The processing of applications and the solution of assigned tasks are always prompt and comprehensive. As a leader, I like that Linoza professionals are always very attentive, they provide competent consulting to their customers, they can suggest how to optimize the process better and increase productivity. Working with Linoza is always getting multiple benefits!

For our commercial network the confidence in the reliability of software, that automates all the business processes, is extremely important, so Linoza is our reliable partner for many years. Through the Linoza team’s individual developments, as well as optimization software platforms, the exact algorithms, which take into account sectoral tasks, our subdivisions work systematically and cohesively as a unit.

The accuracy for my commercial network is the question of business efficiency. As a leader, I am sure that the smallest unit of the goods will not be lost in the sales chain and will be charged, and then reflected in the report. Since I had referred to Linoza it became much easier to make responsible decisions and plan the future strategy of our network development, because I am confident in the developer which goes along with my company carefully and promptly, solving emerging challenges.

Cooperation with Linoza programmers guarantees the accuracy of the accounting in the warehouses and stores, as well as in the mutual settlements with dozens of suppliers, in tax reports preparation and analysis of thousands of sales.

I am grateful to the professionals of Linoza for their quality and operational work, which has always been done on time, and the possibility of “have already corrected corrections” is practically null. Thank you, guys!

Our company takes a leading position on the express transportation market in Ukraine. Nowadays more than 500 branches work in the company and the network has been expanding constantly. The effective communications became the priority № 1 to provide the high-quality work. To exercise control fully the information has to be available to each employee on time and in full. We understood that it was necessary to turn to a professional credible company-developer. Mistaking a partner for us means incurring significant losses. After all, if we do not solve the problem with the loss of address information, we will not establish the full-fledged work.

But when we were choosing a performer, we had a great advantage because we had been working with Linoza for a long time, it had developed and supported the information resources for our company. And, of course, it was decided to entrust this team of professionals with the solution of this global problem. The project was called “Electronic University”. Linoza team’s task was to develop and implement a unified information system guaranteeing the safe storage and updating of information for employees and allowing to test and train staff. The software had to be reliable and suit the set parameters with using modern open source solutions.

It should be noted that the most difficult multi-stage project was realized in optimal deadlines. Initially we agreed the technical task, and then the software part was developed and filled with information. During the fulfilling work of “Electronic University” project we got an efficient tool that was fully consistent with the expected results. Now, we provide training and regular testing of staff knowledge in the context of positions or departments, just knowing that all the necessary information will be received on time and in full by all the company’s employees. Our cooperation with Linoza is always constructive and successful. Recommended!

MetaBank is the 50 branches where more than 130 thousand customers are served. All branches should work smoothly, in the logic of a single organism. As a leader, I have a huge responsibility and I clearly know that without a well-developed software complex , that automates the production process, we cannot do and only experienced IT company can create it. I have long analyzed all the proposals and ultimately chose the Linoza company. Our cooperation raised the work of our company to a higher and more effective level. A systematic approach and comprehensive business analysis of enterprise processes, design, development and implementation of application solutions, which were held by the Linoza specialists, enhanced the efficiency greatly. Developed by the Linoza team solution takes into consideration the specifics of the accounting in the banking sphere and allows to keep the salary calculations and personnel record-keeping.

The logic of the software complex developed by the experts of Linoza allows us to carry out the exchange of data with other banking accounting systems, which optimized the efficiency of processes. The resulting solutions were tested, the configuration of the workplaces was done, the training of bank employees, who are responsible for working with the system, was also done, the consulting and warranty service were organized. The work was completed on time, we are very satisfied! The cooperation with Linoza is the right choice and significant business resources savings!


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