Dealer network organization and increasing of product sales through the implementation of the Linoza Task Tracker and Linoza CRM software

Energy saving issues do not lose their relevance, and the competition between companies operating in this field is becoming more acute. You need to have many competitive advantages in order to survive in this difficult struggle for buyers. One of these is the organization of new sales channels with the help of automation tools.

Project Goals

We were approached by a major manufacturer of energy-saving systems in Ukraine so that we could provide comprehensive consulting services for the creation of process and business models for the distribution of manufactured products. The development of a custom software solution based on these models was also required.

The task was to organize virtual offices across the country with the help of IT solutions. It was necessary to create a tool that would make it possible to promptly interact with all members in the distribution network, as well as quickly serve customers, providing them with maximum services in the shortest possible time. In other words, the product must reduce the time spent on conducting multi-stage transactions and give an unprecedented competitive advantage: for one visit to a dealer, which can be located anywhere in Ukraine, a window system is selected for the buyer, a credit line is opened, and a multi-stage compensation payment program is issued according to IQ Energy program. For the dealer, the whole process should take up to half an hour.

The software should work from any device which has a browser, and have the most simple and intuitive interface, not overloaded with unnecessary functionality. The user only needs to have basic knowledge of working on the Internet.

Project Description

A team of developers worked on this project, accompanied by a consultant, business analyst, and a project manager. All work was carried out remotely. Customer participation was minimal. Most of all the customer was involved at the initial stage, when the business model was developed. In the beginning of the project, the sponsor had only general ideas on the development of the network and the channels for promoting their own products.

We had to implement the idea from scratch, using the following steps:

identifying ways and mechanisms of the future business model;
structuring the business process, determining the roles and functions of all participants, and the points of their interaction;
consistently describing the stages, deciding on software and hardware, and then writing detailed terms of reference.

It was decided to create the software on the basis of our copyright software platforms – Linoza Task Tracker and Linoza CRM, which were finalized and adapted to the requirements of the customer. This made it possible not only to cope with the scale of the project – where more than 3,000 workplaces are planned – but also to eliminate other costly and unsafe ways of transmitting information within the company, effectively manage the sales network, delegate tasks from top to bottom, and perform scheduling.

The sponsor made their demands: universality, minimum technical requirements, time limits of 2 months, information security, and confidentiality. In addition, difficulties arose in interacting with the bank at the stage of integrating the system with the banking product in order to maximally speed up the mechanism for obtaining a loan decision. The banking organization has issues with internal communication, due to the absence of any Task Tracker (Task Manager) system. For internal communication, they used antediluvian methods: emails, calls, information about which, in most cases, is lost. It used to be impossible to understand where a person from a bank organization team went. Their lack of a tool for carrying out internal planning significantly slowed down and complicated the development. Such problems were not planned. When we understood the principle of building a bank structure, we had to provide consulting assistance in order to debug the communication algorithm. This was the primary case of the integration of external systems for the bank with their internal system.

Key project factors
Adapted software based on the copyrighted products Linoza Task Tracker and Linoza CRM helped to:

organize sales channels and launch a new product on the market of energy-saving technologies;
to connect among themselves all participants in the transaction, thus, to maximally speed up and simplify quality customer service throughout Ukraine;
see a full audit of the transaction, manage the sales process with the help of setting and full control over the implementation of operational and strategic tasks for all participants in the business process;
set up communication processes within the company, eliminating other unsafe ways of communication: email, telephone, instant messengers;
create a tool for clear vertical and horizontal management within an extensive dealer network, where, in general, up to 3,000 people participate;
it became possible to conduct scheduling and operational control over the implementation of strategic and operational tasks;
the dealer uses one software that covers all stages of the transaction, as this software interacts with the bank software and IQ Energy.

 The IT platform does not require the presence of a hardware-technical base for the end user, since the software works on any device. To use the functionality of the system and work effectively in it, no special skills are needed: the interface is clear even to a user with basic knowledge of the Internet and computer equipment.

The solution is integrated with the bank’s software and IQ Energy, transferred to hosting and configuration. The implementation did not take long. After staff training in the format of recording video lessons – which last no more than 5 minutes – the software began to function and make a profit.

Work results

As a result of the tripartite interaction and creative work of software engineers, a transparent system of organizing an automated workplace was proposed to perform certain business tasks in a specific business model. The software solution implements a window calculator, templates, standard sizes, cost is automatically calculated, and more. Also a typical commercial offer is formed with the individual prices of the buyer. If the client is satisfied with everything, a request is automatically created to the bank to form a loan application form.

 It was not without creative solutions. In order to take a photo of the window buyer and add it to the client’s card in the system, a scheme was proposed according to which we generated QR codes. We implemented a mechanism for automatically placing a photo of the buyer immediately into the program. It is enough to use a smartphone without any additional software.

After this step, the bank considers the possibility of lending for 20 minutes. With a positive result, contracts are immediately formed, an application is signed, the client’s participation at this stage ends, and the order promptly launches in production. The customer on behalf of the buyer applies for compensation, controlling the entire process and stages of the relationship between the customer and IQ Energy to the smallest detail. The system allows you to accompany the client during interaction with IQ Energy, because the compensation procedure itself can take from 1 to 4 months. Thanks to the developed and implemented complex of software solutions, this process is accelerated, which has become a significant competitive advantage for the customer.

The solution covers the main stages of the transaction, ensuring their automation: sale, cash security, compensation, control etc. At the same time, it is a universal tool that allows you to quickly organize a sales channel and accelerate the profit. Cooperation with the customer continues: the Linoza team provides project support services. 

This IT solution is especially useful for organizations whose business involves distribution. In particular, such software is indispensable when there are problems with communication between dealers or distribution activity associated with performing non-cyclic, atypical, one-time tasks. It is worthwhile to think about automating the sales process at the initial stages of development, because it will allow one to avoid problems with management and communication which may further hinder the development of a company.

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